a name, a story

How it all started…

Starting to tell a story is difficult, because you never know if the way you choose to use is the most suitable one, by tone of voice or empty passages. But for those who don’t know us, I think it’s better to start as naturally as possible, speaking from the heart.

My name is Thomas Donzella, I am one of the two founders of this brand and I have decided by mutual agreement with my partner Andrea Donzella (my father) and our collaborators to personally write this post, to present you in the most direct way what this brand is for us.

I am a filmmaker and due to the need of this brand I became a web designer, going to create our website (which you can find in the link in bio), while my father is a master in the treatment of metals, for those unfamiliar with the sector yes deals with the plating of metals with other precious metals, such as gold, silver, platinum and rhodium.

The idea

In the winter of 2020 my father and I went to a club in the Navigli area of Milan. We ordered drinks and something to eat, but in the meantime my father noticed a detail in the people around us: the accessories they were wearing were pure filling, there was no object that managed to take the stage.

From there we began to think about how to change this trend, bringing people an alternative way of experiencing accessories.

We set out to draw inspiration from our passions, such as music, fashion, theater and cinema, to channel them into emotions, translating them into designs which are subsequently transformed into jewellery.

Furthermore, with the Disinvoltura Collection, we worked on a style of necklace that could also be a valid alternative to the classic tie, as we believe there should not only be the stereotype of elegance in “jacket and tie”, but also of “jacket and necklace”.

From here was born:

The fall and the rebirth

We worked hard, my father in the creation of our jewels, I in the development of our e-commerce and not only, but also of several commercials that were able to present us in the best way to the public.

After almost a year of preparation the blow came, at the exact moment in which we decided to publish all our material trying to advertise it all over the world, Russia invaded Ukraine and marked the letter “Z” on its tanks, which the newspapers consecrated as a symbol of this invasion.

In no time, a year and a half of preparation and hard work, they vanished into thin air. With much anger and frustration we chose to abandon that letter that was ours before this event, as we thought it was offensive to all those people who were suffering and who are still suffering today.

We therefore worked on a new image to give to our brand, focusing on the meaning that had prompted us to create all of this, namely the fact that in any situation, with any style of outfit, anyone could wear our jewels.

So after several attempts we settled on this:

A new identity

Three faces, three personalities (which could be many more) unidentifiable by gender, which fully represent our vision, as it is our jewel that adapts to whoever wears it, accentuating their personality and not going unnoticed , because our jewels are also this, the strength to show oneself with style, without the fear of being judged by others.

As a representative color we chose green, since being the color that represents life that continues and renews itself, while on a psychological level it puts you in a good mood and pushes you to move forward despite the difficulties.

Since August 2022 we have opened our sales channels, focusing on a small slice of the public, but today we have decided to introduce ourselves to the whole world, (re) starting from here.

Uniqueness, creativity and beauty.

What do these three values mean to us?

The answer is simple, we do not hide, we believe in the fact that every person is real, creative in their own way, with their flaws and imperfections that make them unique. That is why we decided to create products that can represent these three qualities, which in our world translate into : craftsmanship, passion and beauty. We have 40 years of experience behind us, and never before had we thought of translating our skills, into something that could dignifiedly represent and enhance the beauty of people. But everything has changed. From today we will be committed to bringing people a smile, joy, happiness and any other positive feeling, because in our world there are no perfect patterns or lines, but we exist and that is enough for us.



The metals we use for our products are of the highest quality, starting with brass, which is obtained from solid ingots, and ending with silver, which is obtained through lost-wax casting.


The gemstones used in our jewelry are of the highest quality, carefully sampled and selected to ensure maximum performance.


All the products in our catalog are part of a very important handcrafted process, the finishing, in fact, each of our products, in the final step of some processing, is finished by hand by Italian master craftsmen.


The treatments applied to our items have been tested and supervised by us personally, thus ensuring first-rate quality.


The stones-semi-precious stones are also first-rate, never mundane, with bright colors
And beautiful to the eye.


"A product that will never die." That was the phrase we said to each other, because like all things with the passage of time, they get old. Our products will age, but we will always give the opportunity to restore them to their native state.


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